Motor racing is an expensive passion. Thanks to the generosity of some great people at the below companies, our partnerships make it possible for me to get on the grid. They’re a varied bunch, so have a read and learn more about them by checking out their websites.
If you are interested in becoming a partner, please get in touch to find out more.

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A good Finance Director is a key asset in any business and while a full-time FD works well for most large companies, many smaller businesses do not need a full-time FD and cannot afford the cost.

Cambridge FD provide the solution in the form of a flexible FD resource to work with your business on terms that suit you.

They will tailor the service and cost to your specific requirements so that you can benefit from their expertise without a full time overhead commitment.

They will provide an experienced FD who can quickly adapt to your business and work with you to achieve your specific goals. They will have the independence and ability to look at your business with “a fresh pair of eyes”.

JLex Network’s primary focus is maintaining their client’s system availability and keeping staff working productively. They deliver reliable, proactive and affordable IT solutions without compromising on service standards or technical ability.

With a client retention rate of over 90%, an average call response time of 8 minutes and call wait times of less than 10 seconds, you can see why their clients rate them so highly.

JLex have a wide portfolio of products, including Connectivity solutions, VoIP specialisation, Large area WiFi deployments in addition to the standard range of Office 365 and Amazon AWS solutions. They frequently partner with other IT Service providers, to offer support and design services.

Check out JLex Networks to read more.

At Hardline Brewery, they take pride in crafting Lifestyle Beer (and merch!) that stands out from the rest.

When customers enjoy their beer, they can’t help but appreciate the soothing, well-balanced flavours it offers. Hardline Brewery creates its brews with a blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, resulting in beers that burst with delightful aromas and rich flavours, setting them apart from mass-produced alternatives.

It becomes evident how distinctive their approach is as customers read the labels on their 100% recyclable cans. Free from the additives that can leave you feeling less than great, HARDLINE BREWERY has crafted a one-of-a-kind beer that doesn’t taste like a watered-down, bland imitation.

EngineRoom is the company I run with my old school friend Joe, and we specialise in creating brochure and eCommerce websites. The difference between us and other web companies is that we aim to deliver results on a shorter timescale than most, so you’re not waiting for several months to get your new website out there.

We also provide training on how to update and maintain the website, should you want to. This gives you the freedom to amend and refresh it yourself, any time of day.

We work on projects for all sorts of business (including racing drivers!), so check out the EngineRoom website if you want to learn more.


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